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Now Available to Order!
Our 420 Series "Rasta" boards are available to order as completes in our products section.
420 Series decks only, will be offered at skate and surf shops throughout the US and Canada.

Message from the CEO

Hello and thank you for visiting TNGLightedBoards.com, we are glad you found us, most lilkely you are here because like us you are passionate about skating. Over the years there have been many skate company’s that win you over with marketing and graphics with a hyped up skate team. Here at TNG we have a different approach by simply making a quality skateboard that holds up, rides great, looks cool, offers safety and diversity all while having fun. We incorporate Patented LED lighting technology into each board to withstand the toughest of conditions..This is what sets our product apart from every other skate company. We are pioneers and love paving a path opposed to riding someone elses. So when you buy a TNG board you can rest assured you have a high quality product that is made with pride. So go ahead and expand your skating options and give us a try,as CEO and Founder I guarantee you wont be dissappointed so lets make history and pave the path where others don’t know exists

Jack Panzarella

CEO and Founder

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